The Platform

EmPLAYability is a Key Action 2 Erasmus+ project, an strategic partnership between five countries with the aim to create useful and innovative tools, based on gamification, for working with young people in search of employment. Tools that allow youth workers, job counselors, educators and social workers to reach out to unemployed young people so that they can develop their transversal skills and face the job search with guarantees of success.

Our objectives are: 


Provide youth workers, counselors, educators … tools based on gamification, to tackle youth unemployment and promote the development of their soft skills.


Provide a space for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, contacts and experiences between organizations that work to reduce youth unemployment.


Share useful knowledge for the training of young people, enhancing their individual skills and characteristics that facilitate access to the labor market.


Promote creativity and innovation in concrete actions to promote youth employment.


Create a set of 5 educational games and a “toolbox” for youth workers, which promote the development of soft skills in young people and facilitate their future incorporation into the world of work.


Put into practice the tools and games created, so youngsters can improve their competences and opportunities in their job search through experiential methodology.

Therefore, this platform arises as an outcome from the project, which consists in a virtual multilingual platform that contains a collection of gamification-based and adaptable resources for youth workers, counselors and educators, who help them learn to identify new approaches to combat unemployment by promoting the personal development process of NEET youth. 

The Partners

This partnership is made up by five organizations: La Vibria Intercultural from Spain, creator and coordinator of the project, Carpe Diem from Croatia, Shokkin Group from Estonia, IFOA from Italy and Intercultura from France. 

La Víbria Intercultural

Terrassa, Spain
Instagram: @vibria.intercultural, 
Twitter: @vibria_intercultural
Tik Tok: @lavibria

La Víbria Intercultural was founded in 2003 with the mission of promoting values of diversity and interculturality among young people and society in general. Through experiences of international mobility and sociocultural initiatives based on non-formal education. Since then La Víbria works to motivate participation, active citizenship and encourage youngsters to develop critical thinking.

One of our main tasks consists of consulting young people that desire to go abroad. We provide information and assessment on working, volunteering, doing internships or studying in other countries, as well as short opportunities and means of financial support existing. At the moment we offer our services in 5 different municipalities in the province of Barcelona. Apart from that, we organize workshops in schools and youth centers in cooperation with regional bodies in all Catalonia.

We are very active locally as we believe that our international actions should have a local motivation, so we work with different groups of young people from our region in sensibilisation campaigns, debate groups and our own web radio station.

Carpe Diem

Karlovac, Croatia
IG: carpe_diem_karlovac

The Carpe Diem Association was founded with the aim of improving the quality of life, contributing to the general well-being of the community and encouraging and developing the creative and social potential of children, young people and adults. Through an active role in the community, we encourage positive social change by using shared values such as teamwork, professionalism and equal opportunities.

Carpe Diem builds a sustainable society through non-formal education, strengthening human resources, developing community capacity by fostering tolerance and justice. The values of our organization are teamwork, togetherness and networking; expertise, responsibility and efficiency in work; social inclusion; active citizenship; partnership and cooperation; lifelong learning; innovation and sustainability.

The association mostly works with young people, covering all areas of young people’s lives in order to contribute to the development of better living conditions for young people in the Karlovac County. Since its founding in 2005, the Carpe Diem Association has implemented over 80 projects, programs and initiatives. What we consider our greatest success are active young people who have found themselves and meaning in life, who in recent years have organized various events in Karlovac. One of the most important projects run by Carpe Diem is the Center for Youth in Grabrik since 2008, which has become an example of good practice in Croatia and Europe through which we inform, educate and empower young people to actively participate in society and strengthen their competencies for life.

From 2021, the association Carpe Diem also runs a social and cultural center called Prostor(i)ja and is located in the center of Karlovac. Also, since 2014 in the association Carpe Diem, every year we host 3 foreign volunteers who come for a year through the program of the European Solidarity Corps.

Shokkin Group

Tallinn, Estonia
Ig, Fb: shokkinest

Shokkin Group (Estonia) is a membership-based youth organization composed of young people aged 15-30 as well as youth workers, educators and youth work trainers. The organization was founded in 2011 with the main aim of empowering young people of Estonia to live a pro-active lifestyle by providing them with opportunities to develop competencies for personal, professional and social growth. Shokkin Group specializes in game-based learning & creative solutions in youth work and education.

Shokkin Group has experience in designing educational board games, escape games and LARPs for and together with young people. Playful approach in learning and youth work is disseminated through local and international training activities implemented by the organization and its members.


IFOA is a not-for-profit Training Centre bridging people and companies at local and international level, appointed since 1999 as a national VET centre, with 10 sites all over Italy.

Standing out as one of the leading private training centers in Italy, IFOA delivers post-diploma (EQF 5) and post-graduate (EQF 6) programs for young people, as well as lifelong

learning actions, consultancy and support services to individuals, businesses and institutions. Training courses and services are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Quick facts 2019:

  • Turnover: about 20 mln €
  • Training hours delivered: 43.000
  • Students: 1.200
  • Trainees: 11.500
  • Internships: 2.825
  • Apprentices trained: 5.800
  • Placement rate after 6/12 months: 80%
  • Companies in CRM database: 16.000

Since 1993, IFOA has been working in EU projects on curricula development, competences definition, assessment and recognition, lifelong learning, employability, mobility, ICT, etc.

IFOA is in the network of the Italian and EU Chambers of Commerce, and member of the European network EfVET.

IFOA is also head office of ULIXES, a EEIG involving training agencies, colleges, business schools and Chambers of Commerce in 10 EU member States.


The association Intercultura was founded in 2000 by 3 young, who were very actively involved in the field of education. The aim of the association is to promote intercultural dialogue and human rights education.

In the same way that biodiversity is essential to the health and well-being of human, we believe that cultural diversity and the learning of it,  can empower us, and live better together.

The approach of our work is based on the principles of “ Education Populaire” and international solidarity. Intercultura organizes training courses, meetings and seminars, and helps to support projects  (local associations, young people, municipalities, school etc.). We use methods based on cooperation and participation. People have the space  to share experiences, and to find solutions through the resources produced by collective intelligence. We develop and produce tools to stimulate: -Emergence of ideas -creativity- reflection- discussion- Dialogue. The final objective is to empower individuals or local communities to act.